Safety and gear list

Here is a list of gear for the roundup. As we will encounter many rapids on our way down rivers, some safety gear will be mandatory for each paddler.

Safety in packrafting

We chose safety in packrafting as a theme for this roundup, there will be workshops for everyone along the way (be prepared to get wet!)

In order to attend this event, some safety gear will be mandatory:

.Packraft (with repair kit) and paddle (duh!)


red glass crank


.Paddling helmet (preferred to climbing or bicycle helmets)


.PFD suitable for whitewater (no inflatable PFD)


.River throw rope


.Whistle attached to your PFD


.Drysuit ( rivers in Sweden are cold ), a wetsuit is okay but not ideal.


These items are the bare minimum for each paddler to carry on every packrafting trip.

A well kitted packrafter!

Camp gear, personal gear:

-Sleeping system (tent with mosquito net, mattress, warm sleeping bag)

-Warm clothes for the evening

-Camp shoes

-Cooking system /food and beverages for two days (we can drink water from the river)

-Mosquito repellent /head net

First aid kit

-Toilet paper and lighter

-Cap / hat (pirate hat encouraged)

-Camera gear


Most paddlers already have an insurance that covers packrafting (equ. to white water rafting / kayaking). If you plan to attend the roundup, make sure to subscribe to an insurance that covers this activity as we won’t provide one.

It means that you paddle at your own risk and the organizers are not responsible for injuries and damage to any personal item.