Getting there

Meeting place Thursday afternoon

On Thursday 31th of May we meet up at TAKE OUT at CAMP FROSTKILEN at 4.30 PM. Here we leave a bunch of cars and drive up to PUT IN and our first camp at HAMRA BRIDGE. We will drive for the put at around 5PM, 50 Km north.

Directions to meeting place at take out:

The take out is located on Road 296 on the left side, 8 km north of Voxnabruk.There is a small white sign saying Forstkilen.

Google maps coordinates 61°26’05.0″N 15°28’33.3″E

In case you can’t make to the meeting place before 5pm on Thursday – or if you only arrive on Friday morning, go directly to the put in:

Directions to the put in:

The bridge is located on road 310 (Hamravägen) between Hamra and Los (5 km east of Hamra or 10 km west of Los). From Voxnabruk, take road 296 towards Hamra and turn left just after reaching the outskirt of Los (There is a big sign pointing toward Hamra and Mora). The camp is located just after the bridge on the left side just by the river.

Coordinates: 61°40’27.9″N 15°03’18.5″E


Information about the Voxnan river and how to get there.

(Note that in case of severe drought, the location of the event could change.)


Voxnan is a river that is located pretty much in the middle of Sweden. The river flows through Hälsingland, Dalarna and Härjedalen and the total length is about 190 km.

The river has about 60 stretches of rapids. Most of them are easy to moderate (whitewater class I-III) and fairly easy to run as the riverbed was cleaned of boulders during the time of timber floating. The few harder rapids (whitewater class IV-V) are easy to walk around and they can be run by those who dare.

It starts in the lake Siksjön and confluence with river Ljusnan.
120 km of the river is protected as a nature reserve.

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A CANOE MAP OF VOXNAN HERE (the grading system used on the map is NOT the international whitewater grading, subtract one grade for accuracy)

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.45.15



The closest major airport is Arlanda, about 4hr drive with car from there.
Another major airport could be Gardermoen, Oslo, Norway, about 5hr drive with car from there.

There are smaller local airports closer to Voxnan. Mora and Sveg are connected with direct flights from Arlanda but those flights tend to be quite expensive.

For those who like trains there are trains that stop, for instance, at Voxnabruk close to the river Voxnan. Train from Göteborg to Voxnabruk is about 9 hrs. Train from Stockholm to Voxnabruk is about 5 hrs.

No public transportation will take you directly to the starting point so you need to arrange for a lift by car to get there.

Since we will be in what is very much wilderness, well at least no kind of public transportation, the best and easiest way is to do the last leg by car. Therefore it is best to arrange carpools so that the cars will be filled as much as possible. If you like you can arrange those carpools here on the event site. You can also arrange via messenger or whatever media you like. The best thing for the environment is if we together try to fill those cars as much as possible.