Getting there

Information about the campspot for the roundup

The basecamp for this event is located near Idre, Sweden. It’s quite a drive from Stockholm and Olso: about 7 hours from Stockholm and 6 hours from Oslo. Plan your trip adequately.

The campspot is by Österdalälven, about 20km upstream Särna (see map and google map link at the botom).
It is a naturecampingspot that is run by Idre/Särna together.



There is a fee of 60 Krona per night for tents and RVs. So if you wish to save money you can get together with friends and get a big tent. The fee has to be payed in cash (you write your name on a paper, put the money and the paper in an envelope and put it in a box at the camping spot).

About the campsite

There is an easy class I-II rapid going by the campsite where we can have safety practice and do some playing around in our boats during the evenings.
There is a windshelter, a firepit and a dry toilet at the campsite. There is plenty of space for tents, RVs and also possible to hang hammocks in the woods.

If someone wants to live in a camping with some more comfort it is possible to stay at the camping in Särna. If you do so you still need to show up at the designated campspot to report your arrival.

No public transportation will take you directly to the starting point so you need to arrange for a lift by car to get there.

Since we will be in what is very much wilderness, well at least no kind of public transportation, the best and easiest way is to do the last leg by car. Therefore it is best to arrange carpools so that the cars will be filled as much as possible. If you like you can arrange those carpools here on the event site. You can also arrange via messenger or whatever media you like. The best thing for the environment is if we together try to fill those cars as much as possible.