Roundup 2020

Roundups are an important moment for our small community. People who share the same interest for nature, rivers and packrafting gather and spend some time altogether. A lot of new friendships are forged during such events. It’s also a great opportunity to learn techniques and step up as a packrafter. River safety was a central subject during the 2019 edition.

In 2018, the Swedish Packrafting Association became the new organizer for the Annual Swedish Packraft Roundup. This year we team up with packrafters from Norway for the second edition of the Nordic roundup..

The 2020 Annual Nordic Packraft Roundup will take place on June 4-7 in Rendalen, Norway



The riversystem is part of the Göta River’s watercourse which, in context, is Scandinavia’s longest watercourse, including the lakes along the way, and the river changes its name several times. The source of this river is Lake Rogen on the border between Norway and Sweden. Here the river is called Røa, and follows the boundary between Røros in Trøndelag and Engerdal in Hedmark all the way to Femunden. From Femunden the river is called Femundselva through Engerdal where the location for the roundup is. When the river reaches Trysil it is called Trysilelva up to the Swedish border and from there the Klarälven is the name right down to Lake Vänern. The lake’s outlet is through the Göta River, which flows into the Kattegat near Gothenburg. Total length around 7500 km…


Most paddlers already have an insurance that covers packrafting (equ. to white water rafting / kayaking). If you plan to attend the roundup, make sure to subscribe to an insurance that covers this activity as we won’t provide one.