Roundup 2019

Roundups are an important moment for our small community. People who share the same interest for nature, rivers and packrafting gather and spend some time altogether. A lot of new friendships are forged during such events. It’s also a great opportunity to learn techniques and step up as a packrafter. River safety will be a central subject during the 2019 edition.

In 2018, the Swedish Packrafting Association became the new organizer for the Annual Swedish Packraft Roundup.

The 2019 Annual Swedish Packraft Roundup will take place on May 23 – 26 in Särna

In case of severe drought, the location of the event could change.


This year’s roundup will take place in Särna, a beautiful region near the Norwegian border. This event will be different from the previous ones. We will have a basecamp by the river and different day trips will be organized every day. No matter if you are a first timer of a confirmed paddler, there will be something for everyone. 


Most paddlers already have an insurance that covers packrafting (equ. to white water rafting / kayaking). If you plan to attend the roundup, make sure to subscribe to an insurance that covers this activity as we won’t provide one.

Documentary about the 2016 edition on Voxnan: