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COVIV19 UPDATE: Event postponed until 2022

The SECOND NORDIC PACKRAFT ROUNDUP will be held in Norway this year

COVIV19 UPDATE: Event postponed until 2022

Sorry for the inconvenience but since Norway is currently closed to Swedish nationals and other countries, we have made the decision to postpone the second Nordic Roundup.

We are working on a local alternative in Sweden in the fall.


This year’s edition will be the second of three events in Scandinavia, in 2021 we’ll meet up in Finland

The roundup will take place on June 4-7 in Rendalen, Norway



In 2020, The Norwegian Packraft Association is in charge of the event.

We’re excited to present the second Nordic Packraft Roundup that this year will be held in Norway. The Nordic Roundup will be held each year in either of the countries Sweden, Finland or Norway. It’s an event that’s open for everyone!

The second edition will take place at Westerheim in Rendalen, a private farm right next to the river Femundselva and it will take place at 4-7. June.

There’s plenty of space on the fields and woods around the farm for tents, motorhomes, caravans, hammock or your preferred way to camp. There will be a camping fee for 100 NOK (about 10 euro) for each night per person, to cover the cost of the event and renting the farm.

This is an event suited for everyone. You’ll find paddlers of all levels and a lot of options, from relaxing trips on flat water, enjoying the nature, to rough class 3 and 4 rivers.



Bring your own food and drink! And take your trash with you when you leave. It will be possible to charge electrical equipment.

Stay tuned for more information later. Practical information like how to get there, gear needed and recomended gear (the water will be cold!).

Disclaimer: You are responsible for your own safety. The organizers and the roundup event is only limited to organizing a place for Packrafters to meet up. There will be suggestion on trips and groups to paddle with, but this is not organized by the event or organizers, but by the people joining the event. This is not a course, there will be no professional instructors, but people joining are friendly and happy to help.

Code of conduct
This is an event were sexism, racism and other kind of undesired behavior is not welcome. This is an event where the participants respect for each other.